1. Listen *
2. Poor Wayfaring Stranger
3. Heartache On My Mind
4. Indiana
5. Everett’s Waltz
6. Higher

* bonus track included only on CD


Dear friends and supporters of the band. We have changed our policy and system of releasing music for Shadow Mountain Band, and all other artists on New Moon Records. We have spent the last 20 years sending plastic disks (yes, and even vinyl disks and cassettes) around the world. As the demand for physical product has diminished, we have begun to release our titles as digital only through the online outlets; Amazon, I-Tunes, etc. This, we feel, is kinder to the environment as well as relieving us of producing and inventorying large amounts of physical product.

What we have been trying lately, on a small scale, is making available to our friends and supporters, audio CDs made up in small numbers in our studio in Joshua Tree. These will have all the music from the digital releases, and will also contain extra music, live performances, hopefully enlightening graphics, and eventually, video. Digital distribution is obviously the wave of the future, but folks that come out to see the band often like to take something home with them, and we appreciate this. We feel that these custom packages will fill the bill nicely. They will be available at our concerts and currently through our Bandcamp page.

For folks on our mailing list, there will also be links to free downloads and YouTube videos, along with our regular monthly posting of our shows and news.

We value your support very much. When you enjoy our music, we are one with you. Please feel free to leave any comments you may have. Be well.